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Bishop Hamilton Mvumelwano Dandala

The Order of the Baobab in

Bishop Hamilton Mvumelwano Dandala Awarded for:
His exceptional efforts in peace-making, the renewal of South African society and nation-building.

Profile of Bishop Hamilton Mvumelwano Dandala

Mvumelawano Dandala is a peace-maker.

In the early 80’s as a prominent member of the Interdenominational African Ministries’ Association, this priest started a conflict-resolution programme to deal with running battles between the United Democratic Front and Azanian People’s Organisation in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

In later years, his experience in Port Elizabeth assisted him to face similar circumstanced of conflict at several Johannesburg hostels and on the East Rand and his invaluable work with the Peace Secretant.

As General Missionary Secretary of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, umfunfisi has helped the church to focus on mobilizing community resources for self-development.

He continues to help South Africans to understand the need for a transformed individual, spiritual and social existence.