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Eric Majola (1930 - 1971)

The Order of Ikhamanga in

Eric Majola (1930 - 1971) Awarded for:
Outstanding performance in the game of cricket and for his contribution to the development of non-racial sport in South Africa.

Profile of Eric Majola

Eric Majola was born in 1930 and lived all his life in New Brighton, except for two years studying for a teacher’s diploma at Healdtown College near Fort Beaufort in 1950 and 1951. Majola started playing schools cricket at Newell High School. In 1952 at Healdtown College, he earned provincial colours. After college Majola joined the New Brighton Cricket Club.

Between 1953 and 1962, Majola was at the height of his career, playing for the Eastern Province and the national African team in both cricket and rugby.

Besides his impressive league statistics, there were soon indications of talent on the broader stage.

For example, he took seven for 27 and scored 92 when Port Elizabeth trounced Grahamstown in one inter-town sub-union match. In the same season he scored 107 playing for the eastern Province Bantu Cricket Union against the Eastern Province Coloured Cricket league. His bowling figures were five for 48.

Majola appears to have played in most of the 1950s tournaments, which were held in Kimberley (1950), Cape Town (1952), Durban (1954), Port Elizabeth (1956) and, in Johannesburg over Christmas in 1958.

In January 1954, African Sports declared Majola the best all-rounder in ‘Bantu cricket’ at the time.

Although Eric Majola received prominence and public acclaim as a cricketer, he is also regarded as a legend in South African rugby.