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Prince Cabangukuhle Penuel Zulu (1928 - )

The Order of the Baobab in

Prince Cabangukuhle Penuel Zulu (1928 - ) Awarded for:
His lifetime dedication to the fight against discrimination and the provision of welfare and support services to former black soldiers in South Africa.

Profile of Prince Cabangukuhle Penuel Zulu

Risking their lives for their country did not preclude Black South Africans from suffering the indignities of poverty and racial discrimination on their return.

As a social worker for the South African Legion, Prince Zulu dedicated much of his life to help Black warriors who had faithfully served their country in the Second World War. Pince Zulu travelled the breadth and width of South Africa and overcame great physical difficulties and discomfort to reach isolated areas to identify the veterans, their widows and families in order to assist them with welfare and pensions.

He was greatly affected by the poverty and need he found among survivors who often lived in remote areas, far away from any social services and government support.

At a time when the Nationalist Government was intent on implementing Apartheid and its myriad discriminatory laws, Zulu persevered without official enthusiasm for his work. Over many years, Pince Zulu fought official bureaucracy, bias, discrimination and neglect to ensure that the needs of this section of the community could be met. Over 22 years, Pince Zulu ensured that thousands of veterans, and their widows and families received the support from the State that they were entitled to.

Pince Zulu was injured on duty on more than one occasion and still suffers from the injuries received in the accident that ended his career.

Prince Zulu is a truly remarkable South African patriot who cared about the well-being of those whose sacrifices went unrecognised.