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Sandra Prinsloo

The Order of Ikhamanga in

Sandra Prinsloo Awarded for:
Her excellent contribution to the field of performing arts and using creative arts to take a stand against racism.
Profile of Sandra Prinsloo

Sandra Prinsloo is the pride of the country’s cultural community in her skills as a performing artist. Prinsloo was born on 15 September 1947 and is also known as Sandra Prinzlow. She holds a BA (Hon) degree from the University of Pretoria. She is best known for her role as Kate Thompson in the film The Gods Must Be Crazy, an iconic South African film with humour that transcends cultural boundaries.

Even during apartheid, Prinsloo has always been a forward thinking artist with courage. She took on roles that would see her mingle interracially during a period where separating races was law and mingling was illegal. She has also appeared in numerous South African television and stage productions.

In 1985 Prinsloo and fellow actor John Kani caused an uproar among conservatives. The audience walked out in disgust and protest during the play Miss Julie where Prinsloo played a white woman seducing a black man. The play marked one of South Africa’s first onstage occurrence of a black man kissing a white woman under the apartheid regime. She remained defiantly unfazed in the middle of a tumultuous protest against her action.

As a skilled actress, Prinsloo has taken roles in a wide range of acting disciplines – from film, television to theatre. She has also been recognised for her body of work. She was awarded the FNB Vita Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for People Are Living There. She has gone beyond action to directing plays in the Baxter, Newcastle and Artscape theatres.