Presidency corrects report on Housing Subsidy

14 February 2013

Photo of: President Jacob Zuma
The Presidency has noted an incorrect report on ETV alleging that government failed to assist Mr Mzukisi Mali from Grahamstown, who had written to the President about his struggle to buy a house.  

In his communication to the President Mr Mali said his salary was “too high to qualify for an RDP (house), and too low to get a (mortgage) bond”.

We wish to clarify that attempts were made to assist Mr Mali through the Government’s Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP), but it was discovered that Mr Mali earned more than the R15 000 threshold, and had a negative credit record. 

He works as a Deputy Director at the Department of Labour and therefore does not qualify for this type of assistance which is meant for low income earners.  

He was also visited twice by government officials to explain to him that he does not qualify, as he falls out of the gap market.

It is unfortunate that Mr Mali has sought publicity using information he knows to be untrue.

It is regrettable as well that the Presidency was not given an opportunity to respond before the report was aired.

Enquiries:  Mac Maharaj on 079 879 3203.

Issued by: The Presidency

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