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Strategic Plan 2007/8 - 2009/10

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Table of Contents

Part A

1. Presidency Organogram

Part 1

2. Foreword: We confidently speak of freedom, by DG, Frank Chikane
3. Overview: The context of the work of The Presidency, by COO, Trevor Fowler

Part 2

4. A Summary of the Strategic Agenda of Government
5. Mandate and Core Business of The Presidency
6. Vision of The Presidency
7. Mission of The Presidency
8. Culture of The Presidency
9. Strategic Objectives of The Presidency
10. Strategies of The Presidency Per Objective

Part B

11. Summary of descriptions of Presidency Programmes

Part C

12. The Presidency: Outcomes, Indicators and Targets (2007/08 - 2009/10)

Part D

13. Resource Plan


14. Abbreviations and Acronyms
15. Glossary of Terms

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