Media Statement by the Chancellor of the National Orders, Director-General in The Presidency, Dr Cassius Lubisi

21 April 2011

Photo of: Director-General Dr Cassius Reginald Lubisi

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media


Good Day


On the 27th of April 2011, President Jacob Zuma will bestow National Orders of the Order of Mendi for Bravery, Order of Ikhamanga, the Order of the Baobab, the Order of Luthuli, the Order of Mapungubwe and the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo.


The National Orders are the highest awards bestowed by the President of the Republic of South Africa upon citizens and members of the international community who have contributed meaningfully in making our country what it is today.


As an initiative that was implemented at the dawn of the first decade of freedom, this constitutional imperative also contributes towards the symbolic building and consolidation of our new democracy.


The National Orders are awarded to deserving citizens and eminent foreign nationals. The President as the fount of honour in the country bestows these Orders and Decorations and is assisted by the Director-General in The Presidency, who is the Chancellor of National Orders and an Advisory Council on National Orders, in the execution of this responsibility.


The National Orders seek to enhance social cohesion. They serve to foster the spirit of unity, nation building and social cohesion within our society, as they honour those outstanding individuals from all the walks of life in our society, regardless of their class, race, gender or background. They celebrate the spirit of one nation, many cultures as reflected by the diversity of our people.

 The Cabinet and the Presidency decided that these National Orders will from now onwards take place on Freedom Day, 27 April, as a way of also of commemorating the first democratic elections held in South Africa on 27 April 1994.


At this 16th investiture ceremony, our country honours men and women for exceptional and outstanding contributions, many of whom are simply legends and others icons of selfless sacrifice and service, courage and commitment. These people of deep humanity and principle, truth and talent, rank among the finest of human beings, who unquestionably deserve acknowledgment.

The President will also award men and women whose dedication to their fellow human beings, their esoteric interests, their art and sport have embellished our society, their community and fellow compatriots, with honour and credit. They are men and women who have nourished our souls with the beauty of art, splendour of performance and the grace of sport as well as ground breaking advances in science, medicine and many other fields.


We are really humbled that they and their families have offered us the opportunity to accept them into our National Orders of Mendi for Bravery, Ikhamanga, the Baobab, the Order of Luthuli, the Order of Mapungubwe and the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo.


Herewith then, the list of National Orders Nominees: 





Donald Thumamina Mboto (Posthumous)  

For a selfless act that led him to lose his life while trying to save a drowning child in St. Michaels beach in KwaZulu-Natal  

Raymond Basil van Staden (Posthumous)

  For his selfless act that led to the saving of a person from drowning at Warner Beach in Durban


Sarah Gertrude Mary Christina Holland (Posthumous) 

For providing shelter to orphaned children and sacrificing her own life to save the lives of the children who were in her care 

1.3. GOLD

Matola Raid Martyrs

For paying the supreme price for freedom and for sacrificing their lives in pursuit of a just, free, non-racial and non sexist democratic society  




Thokozani Mandlenkosi Ernest Nene (Posthumous) 

For his outstanding contribution in enriching the isiZulu language and culture, and his revolutionary invention of new lexicon in isiZulu

Masana Samuel “Sam” Nzima

For his excellent contribution in photo journalism and putting the brutality of apartheid police in the international spotlight

Sindiwe Magona

For her outstanding achievements in literature, playwright and for using her pen as weapon in the struggle for peace, social change and freedom


David Goldblatt

For his excellent contribution in the portrayal of South African life through the medium of photography and for leaving an indelible mark in our country’s inclusive literary culture

Josiah Thugwane

For his excellent achievement during the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996 and his contribution in the field of athletics

Basil “Doc” Bikitsha (Posthumous)

For his excellent contribution to the profession of journalism and literature, and for being an important social commentator in his chosen beat

Raymond Chikapa Phiri

For his excellent achievement in the field of music and contribution to the struggle against apartheid

Marlene van Niekerk

For her outstanding intellectual contribution to literary arts and culture field through poetry, literature and philosophical works

Mannie Manim

For his excellent skills in theatre lighting design, administration, practical and technical contribution to theatre in South Africa and the field of arts

Busisiwe Victoria “Busi” Mhlongo (Posthumous)

For her excellent contribution to the field of music and putting South Africa on the international music map with her prolific musical composition

2.3. GOLD

Amandla Cultural Ensemble

For their contribution to the struggle against apartheid through their cultural performances 

Molefi Nathanael Oliphant

For his excellent contribution in the development of soccer in South Africa and excellent leadership in the successful bid and hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Irvin Khoza

For his excellent contribution and dedication in helping South Africa obtain the right to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and for ensuring that the tournament becomes a success as chairperson of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organizing Committee

Daniel “Danny” Jordaan

For his excellent contribution and hard work ensuring that South Africa host a successful 2010 FIFA World Cup




Reginald Dudley Forde

For his outstanding leadership in the field of education and contribution to the community service through the channels of the education system and the Boy Scout Movement of South Africa

Nowongile Cynthia Molo

For her outstanding contribution to the development of women through the “Women in Agriculture and Rural Development” (WAARD), a self-empowerment initiative that changed the lives of many families


Professor William Sinclair Winship

For his excellent contribution to the field of medicine and dedication of his adult life to paediatrics and human genetics

David Patrick Russell

For his excellent contribution and commitment in opposing the apartheid system as a church leader and for taking a brave stand on many thorny issues to ensure that South Africa became a democratic society

3.3. GOLD

Rev. Phambani Jeremiah Mzimba (Posthumous)

For his exceptional contribution and pioneering spirit in the formation of the African Independent Churches and his instrumental role in the development of a new understanding of Christianity among the African believers. 




Harriet Bolton (Posthumous)

For dedicating her adult life to the struggle for liberation, campaigning for workers’  rights and for organising the Furniture Workers' Industrial Union and the Garment Workers' Industrial Union

Margaret Gazo (Posthumous)

For leading the women’s march to the Union Buildings and for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the ideals of democracy and her contribution to human rights and the struggle against apartheid

Violet Sarah Matlou (nee Phiri)

For her outstanding contribution to the struggle for liberation and for the ideals of just, non-racist and democratic South Africa

Tsietsi Mashinini (Posthumous)

For his bravery and leadership of the Soweto students uprising of June 16, 1976


Nelson Diale

For his excellent contribution in the struggle against apartheid and for his selfless sacrifices over many for attainment of freedom for all in South Africa

Ismael Chota Meer (Posthumous)

For his excellent contribution to a non racial and democratic South Africa, struggle for liberation, workers rights and for the formation of Natal Teachers Union

Matsobane Morris Matsemela

For his excellent contribution to the struggle against apartheid and standing for the ideals of a free, just and democratic South Africa

Florence Elizabeth Mnumzana (nee Mhinga)

For her excellent leadership and activism in the health care sector as a contribution in the fight against apartheid

4.3. GOLD

Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein (Posthumous)

For his political activism, abandoning privilege and dedicating his adult life to the struggle for liberation, democracy, human rights and peace, and for striving to build a better Africa and a better world through the anti-apartheid crusade



5.1.   SILVER

Professor Pieter Steyn

For his excellent contribution and achievements in chemistry and biosynthesis of mycotoxins




Hélène Passtoors

For her excellent contribution to the struggle for liberation, democracy and human rights, and for waging a concerted struggle against racial oppression as an ANC activist and operative in South Africa, including engagement in underground work

Viacheslav Shiryaev “Ivan” 

For his excellent contribution to the struggle against apartheid and attainment of a democratic, non-racial and a non-sexist South Africa, and promoting friendship ties, joint cooperation programmes and projects between Russia and post apartheid South Africa

Andrew Jackson Young

For his contribution to the struggle against oppression in South Africa, striving for better and fairer global social order and championing the cause of human rights in the international arena

6.2 GOLD

Luis Inácio Lula da Silva 

For his outstanding contribution to the advancement of the agenda of the South and for the creation of a just and equitable system of global governance.


Enquiries: Zizi  Kodwa on 082 330 4910 or Zanele Mngadi on 082 330 1148

Issued by The Presidency



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