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Presidency encouraged by 2017 Q4 GDP growth

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The Presidency welcomes, on behalf of all South Africans, the Statistics South Africa finding that gross domestic product growth in Quarter 4 of 2017 reached 3.1%.

While GDP growth remains subject to a broad range of market factors and can fluctuate based on such factors, the Quarter 4 improvement should motivate all South Africans.

The Quarter 4 figure does suggest the economy is taking a turn for the better thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders in our economy.

It is also a very appropriate accompaniment to the positive sentiment with which South Africans and the global community are embracing South Africa’s current renewal.

The Presidency hopes that growth of the kind experienced in Quarter 4 will be sustained and that it will translate into meaningful job creation.

Enquiries: Acting Spokesperson, Tyrone Seale on 083 575 7440

Issued by: The Presidency