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President Ramaphosa received a report and referral on the Digital Vibes matter from the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) in early July 2021.
At that time, the Presidency stated its commitment to keep the public abreast of developments in this matter, in a manner that preserves information that may be or become the subject of prosecution, civil action or disciplinary proceedings.
In the interests of fairness and in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act – and as a result of a number of applications to have sight of the report – the Presidency has sent third-party notices to all persons or entities referred to in the report, so they may have an opportunity to object to its publication or part thereof.
Each of them will receive the information they require to enable them to make their decision as it affects their own interests.
The SIU also made a number of referrals to the Presidency regarding specific individuals for disciplinary action. These referrals are being acted upon.
Media enquiries: Tyrone Seale, Acting Spokesperson to the President –
Issued by: The Presidency