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Lekgau Mathabathe (1925 - 2003)

The Order of Luthuli in

Lekgau Mathabathe (1925 - 2003) Awarded for:
Inspiring and dedicated leadership in the field of education, particularly following the student uprising in Soweto.

Profile of Lekgau Mathabathe

During the height of the student uprising of the 1970s, Lekgau Mathabathe was the school principal at what is today known as the legendary Morris Isaacson High School. Under very difficult circumstances he played a critical role in providing direction and support not only to students but also to parents and the community at large in Soweto.

Together with Dr Nthato Motlana and others, Mathabathe was deeply involved in the Black Parents Association, the Teachers Action Committee and the Soweto Committee of Ten. All of these were progressive structures challenging the Apartheid system.

Lekgau Mathabathe is widely remembered in his community for his courage and exemplary leadership in the struggle for quality education and to improve the lot of his community.