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Mr Antony Andrew Trew

The Order of Luthuli in

Mr Antony Andrew Trew Awarded for:
His excellent contribution to the attainment of democracy and the reconstruction of a post-apartheid society. His linguistic prowess and meticulous application of language is imprinted in many dossiers of government where he served tirelessly and loyally.
Mr Antony Andrew Trew is a South African politician and discourse analyst who not only advanced our struggle for freedom but committed his life to the service of the South African nation.

His activities with the Armed Resistance Movement, which included collaboration with noted activist Edward Joseph Daniels, saw him being imprisoned.

On his release, he left the country for the United Kingdom, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Oxford. He wrote numerous publications during this time on logic, history of science, media and discourse analysis.

As the Director of Research for the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, he formulated and directed a programme of research on South Africa and monitoring of developments, in consultation with the African National Congress (ANC), solidarity organisations and non-governmental organisations.

Trew returned to South Africa to continue his contribution towards laying the foundation for our democracy.

He served the country with distinction, beginning in the Office of the President (President Nelson Mandela) and moving on to establish and develop the Government Communication and Information System, where he retired as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Strategy and Content Management.

Even in retirement, he continues to serve as elections research co-coordinator for the ANC and his more recent work with the Nelson Mandela Foundation involved the publishing of the book on the Mandela presidency with Mr Mandla Langa and Mr Joel Netshitenzhe.

In 2012, Trew was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Civil Law degree by the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.