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Mr Zweli Lucas Sizani (Posthumous)

The Order of Luthuli in

Mr Zweli Lucas Sizani (Posthumous) Awarded for:
His excellent contribution to the liberation movement and struggle for democracy. He selflessly put his life in danger for the freedom and equality of all South Africans.
Mr Zweli Lucas Sizani was born in 1957. He was a leader and social activist during the historic uprisings of 1976.

He was involved in activism at Orlando High School in Soweto. Sizani was part of the youth in the early 70s that emerged at a time when prospects of a change from repression and apartheid rule were dim and slim. In 1975 he became the president of the interim committee that was to prepare for the launch of the national student movement called the South African Student Movement (SASM).

After the launch, his focus was on expanding and consolidating the student movement nationally.That saw him criss-crossing the length and breadth of South Africa to spread the ideals of the new organisation. Later in 1975, he was appointed to the posi- tion of organising secretary to replace Mr Amos Masondo who had been detained by the security police. Sizani accepted that position at a time when political unrest led to the arrests and detention of many high school students throughout the country.

After avoiding Security Police arrests, Sizani realised that he may run out of luck and get arrested, which was going to be a big scoop for the police. He secretly sneaked out of the country in September 1977. At the time of leaving the country, he had been the longest-serving organiser of the students’ movement, and the only SASM member to have served both in the pre- and post-June 1976 SASM executive committees.

Upon arriving in exile, he joined the ANC, where he was trained as a cadre of MK.

He continued working in different structures within the movement and occupied different positions. He expanded his political knowledge by reading and attending political schools. His quest for knowledge took him to different countries, including Cuba. He became a beacon of knowledge amongst his peers. He returned home after many years of exile life. He dedicated his life to political education of young and new members joining the ANC.