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President Zuma congratulates Pretoria doctors for separating conjoined twin girls

President Jacob Zuma has congratulated the medical team and the management of Unitas Hospital in Pretoria for their successful operation in separating three-week old conjoined twin girls this past weekend.

“We wish to acknowledge and take pride as a nation in the excellent work and high level of competence by the Unitas Hospital doctors and the their medical team during the critical six-hour operation of separating the twins who were joined at the lower abdomen. We congratulate most heartily the hospital management and the entire medical team and support staff that participated in this operation. They have done the country proud,” President Zuma.

President Zuma further extended good wishes to the Shilongonyane family and wished the twins, Uwenzile and Uyihlelile, a speedy recovery and long and healthy lives.

Enquiries: Dr Bongani Ngqulunga on 082 308 9373 or

Issued by: The Presidency