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Media Statement by the Chancellor of the National Orders, Dr Cassius Lubisi

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Programme Director,
Chairperson of the National Orders Advisory Council,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media,

Good Morning,
Presidency announces recipients of National Orders

It is my privilege as Chancellor of the National Orders to announce the names of those South Africans and foreign nationals who will be awarded National Orders at an investiture ceremony to be held on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

National Orders are the highest awards that our country, through the President, bestows on our citizens and eminent foreign nationals who have contributed towards the advancement of democracy and who made a significant impact on improving the lives of South Africans.

The National Orders also recognise the contributions made by individuals who contributed and continue to contribute to the building of a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous South Africa as envisaged in our Constitution.

His Excellency, President Cyril Ramaphosa will bestow on deserving recipients the Order of Mendi for Bravery, the Order of Ikhamanga, the Order of the Baobab, the Order of Luthuli, the Order of Mapungubwe, and the Order of the Companions of OR Tambo.

The Order of Mendi for Bravery recognises South African citizens who have performed acts of bravery.

The order will be bestowed in Silver on:

Thapelo Tambani (Posthumous): For his selfless act of saving another life, which led to his unfortunate demise.  His courageous act remains as his legacy to all who knew him and got to know of him after his courageous sacrifice.
The Order of Ikhamanga recognises South African citizens who have excelled in the fields of arts, culture, literature, music, journalism and sport.

The Order will be bestowed in Silver on:

Achmat Davids (Posthumous): For his excellent contribution to the field of literature and the preservation of history through storytelling. His body of works enriched our understanding of the Cape Muslims’ contribution to the development of the Afrikaans language.

Jacques Henry Kallis: For his excellent contribution to the sport of cricket and for placing South Africa on the world sporting map with his brilliance. His stellar career and commitment to the sport inspired many young people to aim for excellence.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka Mhinga: For her excellent contribution to the field of music and her general contribution to social cohesion. Her melodic voice reverberated and found resonance in many parts of our continent and the world.

Nomhle Nkonyeni: For her brilliant contribution to the performing arts. Over many decades, she has shown durability and adaptability. She has graced the national and international stages and her mastery of her craft has moved many audiences locally and around the world.

Benjamin Pogrund: For his excellent contribution to the field of journalism and to scholarship on the liberation struggle. His informative writing shone the light on our country during some of the darkest days in our history. He defied those who would deceive the world.

Mathatha Tsedu: For his excellent contribution to South African journalism and to journalism on the African continent, as well as his selfless contribution to the liberation of our country and continent. His mighty pen continues to be his weapon in the building of our democracy.

Mary Mhlongo Twala: For her excellent contribution to the performing arts and creatively raising awareness on women’s health issues through storytelling. Her sense of humour and humility on and off stage have endeared her to the nation at large.
The Order of Ikhamanga will be bestowed in Gold on:

Johaar Mosaval: For his exceptional contribution to the performing arts particularly ballet dancing. His exceptional talent led him to be the first black South African to become a senior principal dancer at the Royal Ballet.
The Order of the Baobab recognises South African citizens who have contributed to community service, business and economy, science, medicine and technological innovation.

The Order in Silver will be bestowed on:

Braam Jordaan: For his brilliant efforts at raising awareness on the importance of sign language and the human rights of deaf people around the world through his colourful spectrum of films and books.

Constance Mirriam Thokozile Koza (Posthumous): For her excellent contribution and consistent commitment to education and community development. Her selfless giving to society enriched and empowered many lives.

Bongani Donald Mkhwanazi (Posthumous): For his excellent contribution to the upliftment of black business. He was a doyen of black business and one of the foremost champions of the economic transformation of post-apartheid South Africa. His efforts had a commendable effect on social cohesion.

Ray and Dora Phillips (Posthumous): For their excellent contribution to the creation of the first social work network designed to improve the terrible living conditions of the growing population of the oppressed that were being brought to the Rand to work in the mines in the early 20th century.

William Smith: For his superb contribution to the teaching and demystification of mathematics and science. Through the medium of television, he made mathematics and science accessible even to the most marginalised in our society.
The Order of Luthuli recognises South African citizens who have contributed to the struggle for democracy, nation-building, building democracy and human rights, justice and peace as well as for the resolution of conflict.

The order will be bestowed in Silver on:

Velaphi Msane: For his excellent contribution to the liberation struggle and for his steadfast conviction in the equality of all. His courage allowed him to put his people first, with scant regard for his own safety; he left his loved ones behind to fight for not just South Africans, but for all of humanity.

Thandi Lujabe-Rankoe: For her excellent contribution to fight for the liberation of the people of South Africa. She did outstanding work in raising awareness on repression in South Africa and mobilised support for those who were facing the apartheid security forces inside South Africa on a daily basis.

Antony Andrew Trew: For his excellent contribution to the attainment of democracy and to the reconstruction of a post-apartheid society. His linguistic prowess and meticulous application of language is imprinted in many dossiers of government where he served tirelessly and loyally.

Moyisile Douglas Tyutyu: For his shining contribution to the fight for the freedom of all South Africans. As an underground operative of Umkhonto we Sizwe, he proved to be a man of courage, living by his conviction that all are equal; he continues to be the fount of wisdom for young activists.

Yosuf (Joe) Veriava: For his brilliant contribution to the medical profession in South Africa. He has consistently personified medical ethics and progressiveness. He also courageously pushed back the frontiers of the unjust and repressive laws of apartheid.
The Order of Mapungubwe recognises South Africans who have accomplished excellence and exceptional achievement to the benefit of South Africa and beyond.

The award in Bronze will be bestowed on:

Thokozani Majozi: For his outstanding contribution to science, particularly the development of a novel mathematical technique for near-zero-effluent batch chemical facilities which enables the re-use of wastewater; as a young scientist, more trailblazing is expected of him in the years ahead.

The award in Silver will be bestowed on:

Malik Maaza: For his outstanding contribution to the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. He is a pioneer on the African continent. His work has improved our knowledge and made headway in the development of cutting edge modern technology.

Ari Sitas: For his excellent contribution to social science scholarship and progressive policy-making. He is also a renowned storyteller and poet. He is a multi-talented social scientist who moves effortlessly between profound knowledge production and the arts.

The award in Gold will be bestowed on:

Bomo Edna Edith Molewa (Posthumous): For her exceptional contribution to the fight to save our planet. Having served her country during the liberation struggle, she immersed herself in the global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change on the planet. Through her tireless efforts, South Africa is recognized as one of the global leaders in matters of environment of justice.
The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo recognises eminent foreign nationals and other foreign dignitaries for friendship shown to South Africa. It is therefore an order of peace, cooperation and active expression of solidarity and support.

The order in Bronze will be bestowed on:

Riccardo Sarra (Italy): For his consistent contribution to the fight for the liberation of the people of South Africa and the Southern African region. He has nurtured and encouraged cooperation between Italian and South African institutions over a long period.

The order in Silver will be bestowed on:

Klaas de Jonge (The Netherlands): For his excellent contribution to the fight for the liberation of the people of South Africa. With little regard for his own life, he became part of the armed resistance to apartheid. He demonstrated his commitment to South Africa by continuing to be part of the democratic project after the historic 1994 elections.

Khotso Makhulu (United Kingdom): For his courageous contribution to the fight for liberation. He followed his calling and lived the ideals of lending a helping hand to his fellow human beings. He provided refuge, comfort and family to young activists arriving in exile to join the South African liberation struggle.

Paulette Pierson-Mathy (Belgium): For her outstanding and insightful contributions to the struggle for liberation. She has been a prolific author of original reports and publications providing deep insights into the realities of apartheid and the struggle for liberation in Africa and Southern Africa in particular.

Amii Omara-Otunnu (Uganda): For his excellent contribution to the global fight for democracy and social justice. He has beeen a reliable tried and tested friend of South Africa. He is well-known for his efforts to build international partnerships between our academic institutions and those in other countries.

Lucia Raadschelders – posthumous (The Netherlands): For her outstanding contribution to the struggle against apartheid. Over many years, she was a reliable friend of our country and, post-liberation, she continued to play a critical role in supporting our democracy, and archiving our history of struggle.

The award will be bestowed in Gold on:

His Excellency Admiral Didier Ignace Ratsiraka (Madagascar): For his outstanding contribution to the struggle for democracy in South Africa. He offered the liberation movement a national and international platform through his country's National Television and Radio Station to operate Radio Freedom in the battle of ideas between apartheid propaganda and non-racial democratic values.

We congratulate the recipients and call on all South Africans to join us in celebrating these of outstanding South Africans and distinguished friends of South Africa.

Issued by: The Presidency