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Message of condolence by Deputy President Paul Mashatile on the passing of anti-apartheid activist and businessman, Tiego Moseneke

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On the morning of the 20th of April, we woke up to the tragic news that our brother and Comrade Tiego Moseneke had passed on. It was the most devastating and depressing news to receive. 
Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Moseneke family, in particular, his wife and children. Please be comforted during this difficult period. We feel and share your painful loss. 
In paying tribute to this brave freedom fighter, I wish to recognise the multiple roles he played in my life as a brother, comrade, and advisor in so many ways. 
I have known Tiego for more than 30 years. We served together in the Transvaal UDF and the PWV Executive Committee of the African National Congress. 
I have grown to respect his intelligence and his political and business acumen.
When I was approached by several comrades to avail myself to serve as Deputy President of the ANC, Tiego and a few other friends constituted a team that provided wise counsel to me. 
The guidance they provided is indeed immeasurable. I will remain forever grateful for what Tiego and others have done. 
His overall contribution to society as an activist, lawyer, and businessman will leave a lasting legacy that would benefit generations to come. 
With Tiego’s passing, we have lost a measured man with a lucid mind who remained an activist until his last day. 
Once again, to the Moseneke family: Dudugetsang!
The void occasioned by Tiego’s departure will be filled by the beautiful memories of the precious time you shared with him as a son, brother, father, and husband. 
We, too, will continue to reminisce about the time we shared with him in prison, in the trenches, underground as well as post-1994. 
May the Lord console you. Be assured of our support every step of the way. 

NOTE: Deputy President Paul Mashatile will visit the family this afternoon at 4pm in Pretoria. Kindly contact Mr Vukani Mde on +27813079233 for all the details.