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Welcome remarks by President Cyril Ramaphosa at the Presentation of Letters of Credence of new Heads of Mission accredited to South Africa, Sefako Makgatho Guest House, Tshwane

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Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Directors-General in the Presidency and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Good afternoon.
It gives me great pleasure to welcome all the new Heads of Mission as you begin your tenure as representatives of your respective countries to the Republic of South Africa. 
Your presence here is a firm indication of the commitment of your respective governments to maintain and deepen relations with South Africa.
It is significant that all the continents of the world are represented here this afternoon, since South Africa has always endeavoured to maintain friendly relations with all countries.
We firmly believe in the indivisible unity of humanity and that we share a responsibility to continuously strive to settle differences between countries peacefully and permanently.
Global solidarity is required if we are to meet pressing international challenges such as energy and food insecurity, climate change, conflict and the existential threat of nuclear weapons.
We need to be united in our efforts to advance sustainable peace and development.
South Africa works to actively promote the centrality of multilateral institutions in managing global affairs and respect for international law and agreements.
We seek to work with our partners across the world to build a more democratic, just and equitable world order, one which prioritises the needs and interests of the poor and vulnerable.
As the peoples of the world, we have a shared interest in ending poverty and closing the disparities in wealth, skills, resources and access to education, health and social support.
South Africa stands ready to work with all governments and peoples in achieving these objectives.
We trust that your presence in South Africa as the representatives of your respective peoples will enable us not only to build bilateral relations, but to cooperate in building a better world.
Your Excellencies,
You begin your appointments in South Africa at an important time for our country. 
Like nations across the world, we are working to rebuild in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made many of our economic and social challenges far worse.
These efforts to be rebuild are being held back by a severe energy crisis that has affected every aspect of life in this country.
Therefore, our most immediate and pressing task is to stabilise the supply of electricity and to ensure energy security into the future.
We are therefore focused on several measures to substantially improve the performance of our existing power stations and bring additional generating capacity online as speedily as possible.
Throughout this administration, we have been working to restore effective governance, stabilise public finances and end all forms of corruption and mismanagement.
We are working to achieve policy certainty and align policies and programmes across government.
This is part of a broader effort to make South Africa a country in which it is easier to invest and do business.
South Africa is willing to acknowledge its shortcomings and is prepared to take the necessary measures to correct these.
We are moving with determination and urgency to increase investment, grow our economy and create jobs, especially for young people.
We have embarked on an ambitious investment drive informed by an understanding that, under the current conditions, far greater investment is a prerequisite for faster economic growth.
It is an understanding that jobs will not be created, and poverty will not be reduced unless we grow our economy.
It is our wish that we will use the good relations between our countries as the basis for greater levels of investment and bilateral trade, which will promote economic activity and development in our respective countries.
We are seeking mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration to ensure that our societies make progress and that our people benefit from the relationships we build.
The African Continental Free Trade Area is very much aligned with South Africa’s economic growth and development strategy, which places emphasis on regional and continental integration. Therefore, the benefits for Africa is immense as it will also create conditions for greater flows of trade and investment between Africa and the rest of the world.
Your Excellencies,
In conclusion, allow me to thank each of you, on behalf of your countries, for continuing to honour us with your friendship and cooperation.
We look forward to working with you to strengthen relations between our peoples and to contribute to building a better world for the benefit of all.
I thank you.