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National Orders

National Orders

The late Oliver Reginald Tambo played a central role in the freedom struggle against apartheid, and dedicated his life to overthrowing the apartheid regime.

This Order takes its inspiration from what is seen by some to be the oldest life form in Africa, the Baobab tree, whose endemic distribution and peculiar appearance and features have made it emblem

On 21 February 1917, the ship SS Mendi sank in the cold waters of the English Channel near the Isle of Wight, after being struck by another ship in an unfortunate naval accident.

The central motif for this Order is Mapungubwe. A millennium ago, the amazing Kingdom of Mapungubwe existed in the northern corner of South Africa.

Chief Albert Luthuli was a legendary liberation struggle leader and first African recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1960.

The beautiful and unique Ikhamanga flower (more commonly known as the strelitzia, crane or bird of paradise flower) has become one of the world’s most well-known flowers.

National Order Booklets

National Orders are the highest awards that a country, through its President, bestows on its citizens and eminent foreign nationals. The President of South Africa as the fount (holder, cradle, main source) of honour in the country bestows these Orders and Decorations and is assisted by the Director-General in The Presidency, who is the Chancellor of National Orders and an Advisory Council on National Orders, in the execution of this responsibility. To commemorate the annual National Orders event, each year a book is published with details of that years' recipients.

National Order Nomination Form

Nomination forms for members of the public to download and submit to Presidency.

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