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President Cyril Ramaphosa's call to vote message - May 2024 Elections

Fellow South Africans, 

On the 29th of May 2024, we will hold elections for national and provincial government.

Many of us remember the historic Election Day in 1994, when we voted for the very first time for a democratic government of our choice.

We all remember how we felt as we stood in long queues patiently waiting to cast our vote for a government of our choice.

As we cast our votes, we were mindful of the weight of history. We were mindful of the fact that so many people had struggled and sacrificed for this right to vote and many had lost their lives in the cause of freedom.

The right to vote has been the cornerstone of our democratic order and is enshrined in the Bill of Rights of our constitution. 

As you cast your ballot, firstly through special vote on the 27th and 28th of May, and many of us on the 29th of May, you will be demonstrating your faith in our democratic order.

By placing your crosses on the ballot papers, you will be executing a responsibility that history has placed on your shoulders.  

Most importantly, you will be deciding for yourself the direction that our country should take and determining the path that we should follow to get there.

By voting, you are taking responsibility for your future and the future of your community.

Your vote is important. Your vote counts. 

As the election campaigns have unfolded, we have shown that we are a diverse, tolerant, and free society where different views can be heard and are respected. 

Let us continue in this way.

Let us all work together to ensure that we have an election that is free, fair, and peaceful. I call upon you to go and vote.

I thank you.

 Union Building