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Presidential Buildings




Genadendal is the Official Residence of The President when in office at Tuynhuys, Cape Town.

It was built in the early parts of the 18th century and was originally used as a barn for storing grain. It was later, during the mid 18 hundreds, converted into a residence for private use and was known as Westbrook. Architecturally the building is an elegant mixture of Georgian/ Victorian style. The name was changed to Genadendal during 1995.

It was in the early 19 hundreds that the then Union Government bought it, to be used as a Governor-General’s Residence. In the latter part of the 19 hundreds the Government started using the house as the official residence for the Prime Minister.

Genadendal today consists of the main building as well as several outbuildings, which houses staff and security personnel.

The residence boast one of the most impressive art collections, owned by the Government. Parts of the interior have recently been redecorated to give a more contemporary South African ambiance. The Dining Room caters for up to 70 people.

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