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Presidential Buildings

Oliver Tambo House


Oliver Tambo House

Oliver Tambo House is the Official Residence for the Deputy President and is located at the corner of Church and Dumbarton streets, Pretoria.

Originally the residence was called Overvaal, built in 1937 and was used as the official residence for the Administrator of the former Transvaal Province.

It was in the early 19 hundreds that the then Union Government bought it, to be used as a Governor-General’s Residence. In the latter part of the 19 hundreds the Government started using the house as the official residence for the Prime Minister.

The architects were Mr JB Dey, and Mr VS Reese Pool, who also designed the original layout of the Garden. The residence was also designed in a traditional Cape Dutch style with a thatched roof, which was replaced in later years by a tiled roof. Beautiful manicured gardens, formal rose gardens and water features surround the house.

Oliver Tambo House is much smaller than Mahlamba Ndlopfu but does not lack in any grandeur or impressiveness. When you enter the residence you immediately get the sense of a warm and welcoming home.

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